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Pak Arab Plastic Pipe & Fitting.

There has been tremendous growth in the industrial, commercial, government projects, housing sector and public amenities in Pakistan. This growth needs pipelines to convey water and sewerage for infrastructure development works and to protect telecommunication and electrical cables. Zaka Sons (Pak Arab) was formed with the aim of producing full range of Plastic pipes & Fittings to meet these needs. We are engaged in pipe industry since 1950. As we have great experience in this field, we understand user’s needs of pipes and fittings. We believe that every user should have the right to buy products having following features:

  • Durability
  • Easy installation
  • Easy repair and maintenance
  • Economical price
  • Long life

To fulfill above features, we introduced complete system of PVC pipes and fittings first time in Pakistan in 1998 according to American standard ASTM 1785 and D-2241 SDR series for drinking water and sewerage lines respectively. We started their production in 2003. At that time people was used to deal with GI (galvanized iron) pipe and fittings for drinking water lines and asbestos pipes and cast iron pipes for sewerage lines. Because of their unique features, use of PVC pipes and fittings grew very fast during the last decade.

Another milestone of Zaka Sons (Pak Arab) is production of CPVC (Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride) pipes and fittings in year 2005. Our pipes could bear the flow of water up to 93° C, generally used for hot water supplies in industries where flow of acids takes place. Zaka Sons was then the only manufacturer in Pakistan manufacturing CPVC pipes and fittings. To cater the needs of very high pressure water lines able to deliver huge quantities of water, Zaka Sons (Pak Arab) launched PVC pipes of ½” inch to 24” diameter in 2008 according to British standard (BS-3505). These pipes replaced MS (Mild Steel) pipes which are difficult to install and repair and maintain. Here flow of water may also be disturbed after some time because of rusting, corrosion and other issues. We are a trend setter in Pakistan. Our tremendous growth in PVC industry has motivated hundreds of other manufacturer to establish their factories all over Pakistan. And this initiative of Zaka Sons (Pak Arab) has increased employment level all over Pakistan. As we said we take initiative in many works as needed by customers.

We have also started manufacturing of PE (Poly ethylene)pipes for huge water supply lines and we have capacity to manufacture pipes of 20 mm to 710 mm diameter. We are also working on production of large diameter PE corrugated pipes. We are also manufacturing pipes for chilled water supply and noise free pipes which will not allow external temperature to affect the internal temperature of water flow and also reduce the noise rising from the flow of water in sewerage system respectively. We do not compromise in quality of our products. Quality of our end products is high because we use high quality raw material. One of the core raw materials PVC resin is purchased from Engro Polymer & Chemicals Ltd, the only manufacturer of PVC resin in Pakistan. For CPVC pipes and fittings we import CPVC compound. We have skilled labor and qualified staff as well as all imported machineries that add value to our brands.